REL West Research Digest: February 2016

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REL West Research Digest: February 2016
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This Research Digest highlights Ask A REL, a service offered by the Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs).

Best known for their rigorous research and evaluation studies, the RELs also help educators and other REL constituents quickly access the wealth of existing research and evidence in the education field, which can, in turn, be used to inform their practice and decision-making. The RELs provide this information through a national network known as Ask A REL.

As part of the Ask A REL network, the REL West Reference Desk produces quick turnaround memos in response to direct questions from a range of people in the field about any number of education topics.

Typically produced and delivered in a matter of weeks, the memos often include:

  • Annotated lists of references
  • Referrals
  • Policy summaries
  • Links to reliable online sources

Visit the REL West Reference Desk to read recent requests and responses and to ask a question of your own.

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