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REL West Research Digest: October 2011

Produced by REL West


This issue of the REL West Research Digest highlights what one Nevada school district, in partnership with REL West, discovered about college readiness indicators.

The newsletter issue also features:

  • A recap of recent REL West events that brought together researchers, practitioners, and policymakers on data-based decision making and other key education topics
  • An overview of select fast-response and technical assistance projects and reports
  • Information on and links to recently archived webinars
  • Links to useful publications produced by other organizations

The REL West Research Digest, published twice a year, contains information about research being conducted by the Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West) at WestEd.

Additional information from REL West is available at

Information about the REL system and other REL publications can be found at the national Regional Educational Laboratory Program.

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