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REL West Research Digest: November 2014

Produced by REL West


A major shift in federal policy has led to significant changes in educator evaluation requirements. While previous policy primarily relied on measuring educators by their certifications and years of experience, new policy calls for evaluating the effectiveness of teachers and principals.

To help states navigate this significant shift, Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West) researchers have been helping state and regional stakeholders to develop, implement, and test new measures for evaluating the effectiveness of teachers and principals.

Through ongoing data analysis, the REL West team is also informing the improvement of these new evaluation measures, to make them as valid and reliable as possible.

In this issue of the REL West Research Digest, Reino Makkonen, Senior Policy Analyst at WestEd, describes lessons learned in implementing and studying these new measures in Arizona and Utah.

This e-newsletter issue also highlights recent reports on what other RELs across the country are learning as they put their educator evaluation tools and systems into action.


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