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State Assessment Systems: Exploring Best Practices and Innovations

Produced by National Research Council of the National Academies


Educators and policymakers in the United States have relied on tests to measure education progress for more than 150 years, and have used the results for many purposes.

Now states are considering whether to adopt the “Common Core” academic standards and are competing for federal “Race-to-the-Top” dollars. Both of these activities are intended to help make education standards clearer and more concise, and to set higher standards for students. As standards come under new scrutiny, so, too, do the assessments that measure their results.

This book summarizes two workshops convened to collect information and perspectives on assessment in order to help state officials and others as they review current assessment practices and consider improvements. Robert Linquanti, former Director of the English Learner Evaluation and Accountability Support (ELEAS) project and Senior Researcher for the Regional Educational Laboratory West and the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd, conducted a presentation, summarized in this book, on English language learner issues in state assessment systems.

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ISBN: 978-0-309-16176-3
Copyright: 2010
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Publisher: The National Academies Press

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