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State Education Agencies in Charge of Turnaround: Capacity and Delivery


With the passing of the Every Student Succeeds Act, states must decide the best ways to support and sustain local efforts to improve low-performing schools. Are they ready for the challenge? How can they best build the capacity needed to do the job well?

This brief summarizes the major themes discussed during a Capitol Hill forum on states’ roles in school turnaround, and raises critical questions for federal and state policymakers to consider, such as:

  • How might federal legislation and/or funding best convey the urgency of turnaround efforts and support the capacity of state education agencies (SEAs) to foster district and school buy-in?
  • How might federal legislation and/or funding contribute to research and dissemination so that understanding of turnaround competencies is shared meaningfully and rapidly with SEAs and low-performing schools and districts?
  • How might federal legislation and/or funding support states in developing pipelines of teachers and leaders who are prepared for leading turnaround schools?

In addition, the paper features insights from two SEA leaders who have made school turnaround a priority.

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