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Archived Webinar

Strategies to Advance Student Success through High School After-School Programs

After-school programs can provide high-quality youth experiences, advance student academic success, help in the transition to college and career, and foster peer relationships and community service.

This archived webinar examines some of the most effective programs in California serving high school students in after-school programs and how they harmonize with the instructional day.

Webinar presenters examine model programs ranging from academic remediation to work-based experiences and service learning to arts and sports that provide inviting experiences for high school youth and result in significant outcomes.

The presenters bring a wealth of knowledge on service learning, using the after-school space to offer engaging skill-building opportunities, credit recovery, and the Quality Self-Assessment Tool developed specifically for high schools.

This webinar is aimed at school administrators and after-school program directors and coordinators.

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Webinar Presenter(s):

Kelly Stuart Kelly Stuart
Joan Bissell Director, Teacher Education & Public School Programs, California State University (CSU) Chancellor’s Office
Michael Brugh Michael Brugh
Roman Stearns Roman Stearns
Bob Cabeza
Jeff Davis Jeff Davis
Jenel Prenovost

Materials from the Webinar