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Student Achievement and Graduation Rates in Nevada: Urgent Need for Faster Reform

By Joan McRobbie, Reino Makkonen


For many years Nevada has led the nation in enrollment growth rates. In the midst of explosive growth, how are Nevada’s students faring in achievement and graduation rates? And how do those rates affect the state’s economy?

This free report endorses and expands upon recommendations of the Nevada Department of Education’s 2004 State Improvement Plan to raise the near-bottom national rankings by taking seven crucial steps:

  • make education a state priority;
  • prepare teachers better, especially for teaching English language learners;
  • use timely student data to make teaching and program improvements;
  • implement research-based strategies to reduce achievement gaps;
  • create a statewide plan specifically for high schools;
  • increase access to quality infant/toddler daycare and preschool education; and,
  • provide schools and teachers with more financial resources and support.

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