Teachers Who Learn, Kids Who Achieve: A Look at Schools with Model Professional Development

By Western Regional Educational Laboratory

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What does it take to translate teacher professional development into impressive learning gains for students?

A research study of eight schools that won the U.S. Department of Education’s National Award for Model Professional Development has been distilled into this brief and compelling story of successful school reform. A culture of learning—for teachers, students, the entire community—pervades these schools, and this book provides a glimpse of what it looks like. Teacher voices and vignettes give life to the guiding principles that researchers identified across these disparate sites. Annotated lists of resources provide concrete help in putting these principles into practice. And profiles of each school’s journey demonstrate that extraordinary results can be achieved from even modest beginnings.

In directing this project, Nikola Filby hoped to capture the experience of effective professional development for the full range of teachers who pulled together for their students. “Teachers Who Learn, Kids Who Achieve is based on hundreds of hours of interviews with teachers, teacher aides, teacher leaders, and principals,” as Filby reports. “The lessons we learned can be applied in any school, but the vision and discipline to stick with them require school staffs like those we met, educators whose goals never waver from what their students need.

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ISBN: 978-0-914409-02-1
Copyright: 2000
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Pages: 70
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  • “This book is a wonderful resource for creating a culture of learning through staff development. It is a field guide for educators who want to make student achievement a reality, regardless of any obstacles that may exist. It is a book about empowerment and the process of change.”

    Dolores Sandoval, Professional Development Specialist, Mesa Public Schools, Mesa, AZ
  • “In capturing what professional development can help schools to accomplish, this book gives school people images that make sense to them. It’s an effective, user-friendly way for district-level people to communicate what they have in mind for schools. Extraordinarily timely and useful.”

    M. Bruce Haslem, Managing Director, Policy Studies Associates
  • “Compelling. The story of these exemplary schools is presented so that others can learn from it.”

    Terry Dozier, Special Advisor on Teaching for the U.S. Department of Education