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Teaching English Learners and Students with Learning Difficulties in an Inclusive Classroom: A Guidebook for Teachers

By John Carr, Sharen Bertrando

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This guidebook offers powerful, concrete ways to engage all middle and high school students—especially English learners and students with other special needs—in successful learning.

Teachers will benefit from the practical, evidence-based approaches for teaching standards-based content in any subject area.

School and district leaders will benefit from the sustainable schoolwide and districtwide practices that respect diversity and support inclusion. Authors John Carr and Sharen Bertrando, both at WestEd, provide invaluable insight, tools, and strategies, including:

  • An effective framework for teaching diverse learners in any core discipline
  • Specific steps and resources for helping students organize concepts, develop appropriate use of academic language, and communicate ideas effectively
  • Rubrics identifying key characteristics of five English language proficiency levels, along with teaching strategies appropriate for each
  • Methods for scaffolding assessments to ensure every student has a fair and accurate way to communicate what he or she is learning
  • A lesson plan template for combining and putting into practice all of the ideas, approaches, and tools included in this guidebook

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-0-914409-67-0
Copyright: 2012
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 168
Publisher: WestEd

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Praise for this Resource

  • “The strength of this book is its consistent message that with the appropriate instruction, all students can learn, no matter what their challenges are.”

    Nancy Snodgrass, Bilingual Special Education Resource Teacher
  • “I can see this guidebook as a resource that teachers read, highlight, take notes in the margins, reread, and keep near their desk for use.”

    Elizabeth Hughes, Assistant Professor, Duquesne University
  • “The strategies in this book—particularly those that address teaching and using academic language—address a huge need for both general education and special education teachers.”

    Dee Torrington, Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Trainer for Special Education, and President-Elect of California Association for Special Educators