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Technology-Based Assessments for 21st Century Skills: Theoretical and Practical Implications from Modern Research

Edited by Michael C. Mayrath, Jody Clarke-Midura, Daniel H. Robinson, Gregory Schraw


Solving problems creatively and collaborating effectively have always been two key workforce skills. A third skill just as vital in the 21st century job market? Using technology with ease.

Teaching students all three skills is essential for both economic survival and success, and assessment is a fundamental component. Yet, measuring these skills can be tricky due to the interacting factors associated with higher order thinking and multifaceted communication.

Advances in assessment theory, education psychology, and technology create an opportunity to create new methods of measuring students’ 21st century skills with validity, reliability, and scalability.

In this book, leading scholars from a variety of disciplines present the latest research on how to best measure complex knowledge, skills, and abilities using technology-based assessments.

Contributors discuss the theoretical and practical implications from their research and outline their visions for the future of technology-based assessments.

WestEd’s Edys Quellmalz, Barbara Buckley, Jodi Davenport, Mark Loveland, and Matt Silberglitt contribute a key chapter on 21st century dynamic assessment.

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ISBN: 978-1-61735-632-2
Copyright: 2012
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 398
Publisher: Information Age Publishing

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