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Technology Enhanced Innovative Assessment: Development, Modeling, and Scoring From an Interdisciplinary Perspective

Edited by Hong Jiao, Robert W. Lissitz

Technology-Enhanced Innovative Assessment: Development, Modeling, and Scoring from an Interdisciplinary Perspective


Assessment innovation tied to technology is greatly needed in a wide variety of assessment applications. This book adopts an interdisciplinary perspective to learn from advances in developing technology-enhanced innovative assessments from multiple fields. Specifically, the book addresses:

  • The development of virtual assessments, including game‐based assessment, simulation‐based assessment, and narrative-based assessment, as well as how simulation- and game-based assessments serve both formative and summative purposes
  • The critical challenge of integrating assessment directly into the learning process so that teacher effectiveness and student learning can be enhanced
  • The psychometric challenges related to innovative items

WestEd’s Matt Silberglitt contributed a key chapter, “SimScientists: Affordances of Science Simulations for Formative and Summative Assessment.”

The chapter discusses the work of WestEd’s SimScientists, a project that has developed a portfolio of simulation-based assessments to supplement middle school curriculum units in life science, physical science, and Earth science.


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ISBN: 978-1-68123-929-3
Copyright: 2017
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 301
Publisher: Information Age Publishing

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