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The Complexities of Integrating Data-Driven Decision Making into Professional Preparation in Schools of Education: It’s Harder Than You Think

By Ellen Mandinach, Edith Gummer

With Robert D. Muller


What role can schools of education play in building educators’ capacity to use data effectively?

CNA Education, Education Northwest, and WestEd brought together representatives from schools of education, researchers, policymakers from professional credentialing organizations, and professional development providers with a diverse set of schools of education—ranging from large research-focused institutions to more traditional teacher colleges—as well as the three main professional accrediting and policy organizations.

The discussion, reviewed in this report, was based on the following questions:

  • How do the kinds of data and the forms in which they are presented affect how data are used?
  • What skills and dispositions are needed for professionals to interpret, understand, and use data to enable improvement in practice and outcomes?
  • What training or professional development and workplace norms are needed to help practitioners use data and information more effectively?
  • What organizational cultures or structures influence how people make sense of data/information in professional contexts?
  • How do principals, deans, and teachers use data in decision making about instruction, resource allocation, course design, and other pertinent concerns?

A short summary of the report is also available.

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Copyright: 2011
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