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The Road Ahead for State Assessments: What the Assessment Consortia Built, Why It Matters, and Emerging Options

Produced by Educational Testing Service


This publication, produced by the Educational Testing Service, is the final edition in Coming Together to Raise Achievement, a series that documented the work of the six federally funded assessment consortia.

The final edition explores the changing landscape of state assessments and presents reflections from education leaders nationwide on:

  • The impact of Race to the Top on the U.S. education system, including the program’s successes and failures
  • The inherent assessment opportunities and challenges under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  • The consortia’s membership and assessment designs for 2015-2016

Andrew Latham, Director of Standards, Assessment, and Accountability Services at WestEd, contributed a key article on ESSA and the new era of local control for assessment and accountability.

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Copyright: 2016
Format: PDF
Pages: 32
Publisher: Educational Testing Service