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Archived Webinar

The Status of Elementary and Middle School Science in California

Recorded on June 12, 2012

Two WestEd studies find students in California have little access to high-quality science education, but they do highlight the possibilities for educators and policymakers to turn around this urgent challenge.

This webinar builds off two WestEd reports: Untapped Potential: The Status of Middle School Science Education in California, and High Hopes–Few Opportunities: The Status of Elementary Science Education in California.

The reports focus on school and out-of-school time approaches that are being used to expand science teaching and learning in California. They also examine models that California State Universities are using to improve the preparation of current and new teachers through recently developed Foundational Level General Science credentials and certificates.

The findings of the reports are used to describe the conditions that need to be in place to support high-quality science for all students in the state’s elementary and secondary schools.

While the reports have a California focus, state administrators and state and local policymakers from around the nation will find the recommendations, and this webinar, applicable to improving science education in their contexts.

Webinar Presenter(s):

Holly Jacobson

Materials from the Webinar