The Status of State-Level Response to Intervention Policies and Procedures in the West Region States and Five Other States

By Jenifer J. Harr-Robins, Larisa Shambaugh, Tom Parrish


Response to intervention (RTI) can be both a system for providing early interventions to struggling students and a special education diagnostic tool for evaluating and identifying students with specific learning disabilities. Contributing to the very limited literature on state-level approaches, this report describes how nine states define and support RTI at the state level, based on data collected between June and August 2008. Developed by REL West, the report also is designed to inform and support state policymakers and administrators in developing and implementing state-level response to intervention (RTI) policies and practices.

In addition to the full report, a two-page synopsis, Response to Intervention—A Status Report: Policies and Procedures in the West Region and Five Other States, is available.

Information about the regional educational laboratory (REL) system and other REL publications can be found at the National Regional Educational Laboratory Program.

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