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The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice, Fifth Edition

Edited by Dennis Saleebey


This new edition of The Strengths Perspective in Social Work Practice, featuring eight new chapters, is an unrivaled collection of essays explaining the strengths-based philosophy, demonstrating how it works, and providing clear and practical tools for its application. Each contribution is written by an expert in the field to provide a balanced approach to social work practice that explores the strengths and assets of clients. An exceptionally wide range of subjects (ideas and populations) are covered in each essay.

WestEd’s Bonnie Benard, the leading expert in school-based positive psychology, and coauthor Sara L. Truebridge, contribute a key chapter entitled “A Shift in Thinking: Influencing Social Workers’ Beliefs About Individual and Family Resilience in an Effort to Enhance Well-being and Success for All.”

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ISBN: 978-0-205-62441-6
Copyright: 2009
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 336
Publisher: Pearson

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