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Transforming Teaching and Learning Through Data-Driven Decision Making: Classroom Insights from Educational Psychology

By Ellen Mandinach, Sharnell S. Jackson


Many schools are required to gather student data and use data to inform instruction. But are educators formally trained in how to do this? Not necessarily.

A must-have for teachers, school and district administrators, school psychologists, and other educators, this book includes advances in research and theory on teaching and learning.

The authors’ integrated model demonstrates how to establish a data culture and transform quantitative and qualitative data into actionable knowledge in four key areas:

  • Assessment
  • Statistics
  • Instructional and differentiated psychology
  • Classroom management

Data-driven decision making and data literacy skills are at the intersection of all of these areas. WestEd’s Ellen Mandinach and co-author Sharnell S. Jackson link these areas to show how to improve student learning. Mandinach is one of the country’s leading experts in understanding data-driven decision-making in education settings.

Transforming Teaching and Learning also features vignettes demonstrating the concepts in practice and tips for using technology to assist in data-driven decision making.

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-1-4129-8204-7
Copyright: 2012
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 280
Publisher: Corwin

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Praise for this Resource

  • “This book makes you think about education in a new way and shows teachers how to develop new skills to meet the demands of the 21st century. Instead of studying ‘autopsy data,’ the authors encourage teachers to gather data for learning rather than of learning.”

    Lauren Mittermann, Middle School Teacher, Walnut Valley Unified School District, Walnut, California
  • “I recommend this book for practitioners as they embark on the journey of discovery about what educators need to do to prepare to develop a culture that supports data-driven decision-making.”

    Margarete Couture, Principal, South Seneca Central School District, Interlaken, New York
  • “The content flows easily from one topic to the next. The first chapter’s step-by-step orientation to the construct of the literature, along with the culminating chapter’s summarization and further clarification, provide consistency for while reinforcing the purpose of the book.”

    Cathy Patterson, Fifth-Grade Teacher, Walnut Valley Unified School District, Walnut, California