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Voices from La Frontera: Study of School Districts Along the United States/Mexico Border

By Paul Koehler, Stanley Chow, June Bayha, Tenley Harrison


Commissioned by the school board associations of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas, this report offers a broad sketch of what life is like for school districts in the region within 100 miles of the United States/Mexico border, referred to as La Frontera.

In this study the general shape and features of La Frontera districts emerge: their strengths, the challenges they face, their similarities and differences—and some of the strategies they employ to better serve their students. While the study identifies some of the major issues facing many of these districts, it also raises many questions that beg for further exploration. In both regards, this effort is an important step toward better understanding how to support La Frontera’s districts and, through them, the schools and students of this border region.

For more information, please see La Frontera: Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Education Along the U.S.-Mexico Border. This report elaborates on findings from Voices from La Frontera: A Study of School Districts Along the United States/Mexico Border and further builds on a better understanding of how to support this region’s districts and, through them, their schools and students.

A technical report is also available, detailing complete survey findings.

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