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What Does “Postsecondary Readiness” Really Mean When There Are Multiple Pathways to Success?


“Postsecondary readiness” refers broadly to preparing students transitioning from high school to the multiple pathways after graduation, or specifically to being ready for college. But there is little consensus on what the term means.

The growing interest reflects concern about how well students are prepared for education and employment beyond high school. But the multiple definitions reflect substantive differences in interpretation, purpose, and use. In planning policy or priorities, such differences can be significant.

Information about both “external validation” and the “internal structures” of different definitions should be assessed through considering their sources, content, organization, and level of detail. Key questions to ask are:

  • How has the definition been validated by others?
  • What kind of content does it address?
  • How is the content organized?
  • How specific is the definition?
  • How does the definition address similarities and differences across multiple pathways?
  • How has the definition been validated by others?

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