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What We Must Do to Create a System That Prepares Students for College Success

By David T. Conley


An ever-increasing proportion of high school students in the United States aspire to graduate from college. However, far too many of these students are struggling once they enter college. This Policy Perspectives paper helps secondary and postsecondary educators create a more aligned education system that prepares students for college success. Specifically, the paper addresses the following questions:

  • How can state high school content standards and assessments be connected with postsecondary success, and why aren’t they already?
  • How is the admissions process likely to change over time?
  • How will data systems that span high school and college create new possibilities for communicating information on student readiness for college?
  • What would a K-16 system of education look like?
  • What can policymakers, high school educators, postsecondary faculty and administrators, students, and parents do to bring about a better-aligned educational system that leads to enhanced student success?

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Product #: PP-06-01
Copyright: 2006
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