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What's Fair Got To Do With It: Diversity Cases From Environmental Educators

Edited by Tania J. Madfes


Educators, non-formal educators, and community organizations will find these cases fascinating reading and a powerful tool for professional development. While the cases are grounded in the experiences of a diverse group of environmental educators, the questions and issues they raise apply to education in general and society as a whole.

Each case is a candid, dramatic, and highly readable first-person account that makes concrete the challenges of fairness, expectations, respect, and communication when people who share goals, perhaps, but not cultures, interact. The ten cases arise from in-school and out-of-school settings and involve the real and perceived power relationships that cultural differences often throw into high relief.

The casebook includes facilitator notes and commentary about each case. It is designed to promote rich discussion and thoughtful reflection and to develop principles of practice that users can apply to their own work or volunteer settings.

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Product Information

ISBN: 978-0-914409-20-5
Copyright: 2004
Format: Trade Paper
Pages: 122
Publisher: WestEd, EETAP, and NAAEE

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Praise for this Resource

  • “Cultural diversity is an issue for every educator, regardless of discipline. What’s Fair Got To Do With It: Diversity Cases from Environmental Educators is a unique collection of case studies based on real-life experiences. These case studies provide an excellent resource for classroom teachers who are interested in self-reflection and collegial dialogue. [This book] will be an invaluable resource to those responsible for helping teachers sort through their unconscious biases and diverse expectations.”

    NSTA Recommends
  • What’s Fair Got To Do With It is the best print resource I have seen for helping environmental educators better understand diversity issues — and for helping them become more effective in providing environmental education programs for everyone.”

    Rick Wilke, University of Wisconsin System, Distinguished Professor, Director, Environmental Education & Training Partnership
  • “This book makes you think. In reading the cases, I was touched by the honesty and sincerity shared by the authors as they tried to do what was “right.” I was reminded of how challenging it is to know what is right in various situations. What’s Fair Got To Do With It will serve as a tremendous tool for group discussion and dialogue. At the individual or personal level, it is excellent for education and self-reflection.”

    Lisa Burban, Group Leader, Northeastern Area, USDA Forest Service