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Professional Development

Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation: Develop and Implement a Learning-Focused Evaluation System

Develop and implement a learning-focused educator evaluation system that is collaborative; focused on teacher learning and student success; and ensures educator performance ratings that are fair, equitable, and reliable.

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What You Will Learn

Participate in this collaborative process, and you will:

  • Receive customized, evidence-based support to design and implement a learning-focused evaluation system to achieve your desired goals
  • Examine eight essential conditions necessary for educator effectiveness and school improvement
  • Learn about and apply objective classroom observation and data-gathering skills and techniques
  • Engage in collaborative conversations that promote teacher learning and intentional classroom practice within a teacher evaluation process
  • Set goals and create plans for student learning and professional practice based upon data
  • Assess teaching practice using performance standards and instructional rubrics
  • Align policies and practices within educator effectiveness, evaluation, and school improvement systems

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Who Will Benefit

  • Teachers
  • School and District Administrators
  • State Education Agency Staff
  • Policymakers

Service Details

WestEd provides customized, site-based Educator Effectiveness and Evaluation services to schools and districts in a variety of professional development formats. Regardless of the format, participants are provided with all materials needed, including handouts, readings, tools, and other related resources.


Four-day institutes for teachers and/or administrators for up to 50 participants are typically scheduled as two back-to-back days and two single follow-up days.


One-day awareness workshop for up to 100 participants provides an overview of the evaluation process and instructional framework used in your school/district.


Informative 60-90–minute webinars prepare participants for institutes; provide an overview of the goals of the evaluation project for school/district leadership teams; and serve as a follow-up learning session between face-to-face sessions.


Site-based coaching for administrators, teacher leaders, and/or instructional coaches is provided.

What Makes This Service Unique

WestEd’s learning-focused evaluation approach is premised on the belief that promoting teachers’ learning is as important as accurately rating their practice and that these two evaluation goals are not mutually exclusive.

The overarching goal of this service is to promote teacher learning and intentional classroom practice through collaborative conversations between teachers and their evaluators based on objective teaching and learning data.

WestEd’s approach to the collaborative design and implementation of learning-focused educator evaluation systems is both systemic and adaptive. WestEd staff work with schools and districts to examine the talent management and school improvement systems within which the educator evaluation will take place and works with school/district personnel to align those systems.


For information on pricing, please contact Kevin Perks at or 781.481.1110.

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For more information or to schedule services, please contact Kevin Perks at or 781.481.1110.