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Professional Development

Geometric Transformations Workshops: Teacher Understanding = Student Understanding

Join teachers and teacher leaders who have benefitted from this research-proven approach to teacher learning with a focus on geometric transformations. Learn instructional practices to help students, grades 6-12, understand and succeed in geometry.

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What You Will Learn

Strengthen your knowledge and skills on how concepts of proportionality, congruence, and similarity develop from the perspective of geometric transformations.

This workshop uses video cases (taken from Learning and Teaching Geometry: Video Cases for Mathematics Professional Development) that engage teachers in mathematics problem solving, analysis of classroom practice, examination of student work, discussions, readings, and tasks and applets designed as a bridge to teachers’ practice.

Specifically, as a participant, you will:

  • Understand what a transformations-based perspective of similarity and congruence means
  • Strengthen understanding of relationships among proportionality, similarity, and linearity
  • Increase your ability to identify, describe, and foster transformations-based reasoning in your students
  • Prepare and enact lessons that will help students engage in mathematical reasoning while developing conceptual understanding of geometric transformations

Who Will Benefit

  • Mathematics Teachers, Grades 6-12
  • Mathematics Teacher Leaders
  • Mathematics Teacher Educators

Service Details

On-site workshops with flexible dates are available for school or district teams of up to 35 people. The workshops take place over five days, which can be scheduled together or in a two two-day and one one-day workshop.

The workshops are ideally scheduled over the period of three to four months to allow participants an opportunity to implement mathematics professional development in their own schools or districts between sessions.

What Makes This Service Unique

A National Science Foundation–funded research study found that WestEd’s Learning and Teaching Geometry professional development materials was shown to lead to significant gains in teachers’ geometry content knowledge, along with the knowledge to effectively convey that information in the classroom.*

The study also showed that teachers’ engagement in this professional development can lead to significant increases in their students’ knowledge. Specifically, the average pretest–posttest gain for students of treatment group teachers was more than 6 percentage points higher than students of comparison group teachers.

* Seago, N.M., Jacobs, J.K., Heck, D.J., Nelson, C.L., & Malzahn, K.A. (2014). Impacting teachers’ understanding of geometric similarity: Results from field testing of the Learning and Teaching Geometry professional development materials. Professional Development in Education, 40(4), 627–653.


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To learn more, please contact Nanette Seago at