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Professional Development

Improving Mathematics Teaching: Customized Professional Learning

Engage all K-12 students in mathematics learning. Our customized professional learning will help you increase your understanding of student mathematical thinking, consider the implications for your teaching, and improve your classroom practice.

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What You Will Learn

As a participant in WestEd’s customized professional learning workshop, you will enhance your understanding, knowledge, and teaching of mathematics, and assess and understand students’ mathematical thinking. Specifically, you will:

  • Engage in mathematics problem solving
  • Learn to implement instructional strategies to help students achieve college- and career-ready standards in mathematics
  • Understand how Standards for Mathematical Practice support students’ mathematical reasoning
  • Assess student understanding through a careful analysis of a set of selected responses from your own students
  • Examine and reflect on your own practice and think about the implications of these critical dimensions on your mathematics instruction

Who Will Benefit

  • Mathematics Teachers
  • Mathematics Coaches and Instructional Leaders

Service Details

WestEd mathematics educators customize a two-day workshop — for both teachers and teacher leaders — to address local needs, adding optional ongoing support through online discussion groups and webinars.

Our workshops are built around video cases that engage teachers and/or leaders in mathematics tasks, analysis of classroom or professional development video clips, discussions, readings, and tasks designed as a bridge to teachers’ and leaders’ own practice.

Based upon your identified needs and specific workshop topics, a variety of materials will be used in the sessions, including College- and Career-Ready Standards for Mathematics and/or state or local standards; and WestEd research-based products and services including Making Mathematics Accessible to English Learners: A Guidebook for Teachers, Learning and Teaching Linear Functions, and Aim for Algebra.

What Makes This Service Unique

WestEd mathematics educators and researchers, with more than 20 years’ experience in mathematics teaching and professional development, will collaborate with you to plan, customize, and facilitate professional learning sessions to meet the needs of your school, district, or regional site.


Two-day workshops with flexible dates are available for school or district teams of up to 35 people.

Each workshop, including all accompanying materials and facilitator travel and expenses, costs $10,000 per site, for up to 35 participants.

Learn More

To learn more, please contact WestEd’s Katie Salguero at 650.381.6426 or