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Professional Development

Leading with Learning: Cultivating Language and Literacy, Collaboration, and Equity

Transform teaching and learning for culturally and linguistically diverse students — with a focus on English learners — in your school or district. Receive professional learning over two to three years to better understand and implement effective language, literacy, and content instruction in tandem, with a focus on writing instruction.

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What You Will Learn

School and district communities will deepen and broaden understanding of local English language arts and English language development standards in order to plan for and support quality instruction for English learners.

This professional learning, implemented over two to three years, focuses on strengthening teaching and learning in four major areas:

  • Fostering collaborative academic conversations among students, abundant writing, and interactive reading around complex texts and intellectually rich content
  • Engaging students in text-oriented talk about the language in complex texts
  • Observing students closely and continuously, gathering evidence of student learning to provide both planned and just-in-time scaffolding
  • Creating positive and culturally responsive learning environments

Who Will Benefit

Educators in a network of K-12 schools within a district will benefit from this long-term service, specifically:

  • Teachers
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Principals
  • District Leaders

Service Details

The Leading with Learning Model is implemented over a minimum of two years. Districts are encouraged to identify, invite, and support three to four schools in a learning network for optimal implementation. The first two years of the model typically comprise:

  • 12 all-day, side-by-side learning sessions for teachers, principals, and coaches
  • 8 differentiated all-day sessions for coaches, plus 10 90-minute online sessions
  • 6 differentiated all-day sessions for principals and professional learning teams
  • Differentiated sessions for district leadership teams
  • Additional coaching for coaches and principals

Professional learning is differentiated in grade spans (e.g., K-1; 2-3; 4-6; 6-8) and includes implementation support and planning for site and district administrators.

Leading with Learning participants engage in collaborative, interactive tasks such as:

  • Discussing readings on English language development (ELD) instruction and culturally responsive teaching
  • Participating in and analyzing model lessons
  • Collaboratively planning lessons that integrate English language arts (ELA), ELD, and other content standards
  • Establishing inclusive and supportive learning environments in which all students thrive
  • Implementing continuous improvement practices

What Makes This Service Unique

Leading with Learning is a systemic, multi-strand model that includes intensive blended professional learning for teachers, instructional coaches, and principals, along with consultative work with district leadership teams.

Leading with Learning builds the capacity of school district staff to achieve impact early, and sustain and scale the work once the project has ended. Our ultimate goal is to raise student achievement and ensure that all English learner and other culturally diverse students graduate from high school ready for college, careers, and meaningful interaction with civic life.

Our team of developers and facilitators has a wide range of expertise in professional learning, school and district leadership, online learning, curriculum development for culturally and linguistically diverse students, transformational coaching, and applied research.

Visit the Leading with Learning website for more information about our staff, services, and impact.


Costs are based on the scope of work within your district. Please contact Maria Santos (see contact information below) for an estimate.

Learn More

For more information about Leading with Learning, contact Annette Gregg at or 510.326.2342; or send us a message through our website contact form.

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