Reading Apprenticeship for Higher Education: Promoting Student Engagement and Achievement

Learn how to integrate high-impact pedagogical practices designed to help your college students develop discipline-specific reading, writing, researching, and problem-solving skills. Gain knowledge and access tools through Reading Apprenticeship professional development.

Through my participation of [Reading Apprenticeship professional learning], I see success as a process not an end result. In the same way I see my students on a journey of discovery, I see my co-workers and myself. We are learning together, and problem solving in an often confusing and contradictory world. Success means sharing tools and essential motivation to design future solutions to real problems, not possessing static knowledge that eventually goes nowhere.”

— Caren Kongshaug, Humanities Instructor, Bellingham Technical College (WA)

Who Will Benefit

  • Higher Education (university, college, community and technical college) Staff and Faculty of all subject areas and levels

Service Details

Online Courses

Faculty 101 Course

Introductory Reading Apprenticeship online course for higher education faculty of all subject areas.

STEM Faculty 101 Course

Introductory Reading Apprenticeship online course for higher education STEM faculty.

Campus Coach Course

Continuing online course with a dual focus on deepening Reading Apprenticeship practice and supporting development as leaders for literacy improvement.

Face-to-Face Professional Learning

Cross-Discipline Faculty Seminar

Three-day introductory Reading Apprenticeship in-person seminar for college faculty of all subject areas.

STEM Faculty Seminar

Three-day introductory Reading Apprenticeship in-person seminar for STEM college faculty.

Reading Apprenticeship for First Year Experience

Three-day seminar focusing on how to use Reading Apprenticeship as an instructional framework to support robust learning in “First-Year Experience” courses and/or summer bridge programs.

Leadership Community of Practice

Training-of trainer experience to lead professional development on your own campus: 6 days in-person and 8-month online course.

More details — including cost, dates, and contact information — for each of the Reading Apprenticeship professional development opportunities are provided in the links above.

What Makes This Service Unique

For over two decades, Reading Apprenticeship has bridged the science of adolescent literacy to real tools and practice with proven results.

Since 1995, the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd has been conducting literacy research, facilitating Reading Apprenticeship professional development, and changing students’ relationships to subject area reading, writing, and reasoning — in middle school, high school, and college.

College faculty staff using the Reading Apprenticeship framework regularly model disciplinary-specific literacy skills, help students build high-level comprehension strategies, engage students in building knowledge by making connections to background knowledge they already have, and provide ample guided, collaborative, and individual practice as an integral part of teaching their subject area curriculum.

As a result, students develop the literacy competencies, subject area knowledge, and the learner dispositions they need — for school, college, careers, and life.

Visit the Reading Apprenticeship website to learn more about our impact, research studies, success stories, and more.

LEARN MORE > To learn more, visit the Reading Apprenticeship professional development page or contact Kate Meissert at or 510.302.4211.

“Reading Apprenticeship has proven to be an inspiration to faculty and students alike. They have learned together to view themselves as readers in transformative ways.”

– Steve Hanson, President, Renton Technical College