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Professional Development

Reading Apprenticeship for Middle/High School: Promoting Student Engagement and Achievement

Help students become better readers, writers, and problem solvers. Reading Apprenticeship offers teachers strategies to help students, grades 8-12, construct text-based arguments and communicate clearly what they are learning. Not just in English class, but in every subject.

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Who Will Benefit

  • Middle school and high school teachers of all subject areas
  • Administrators who will be supporting teachers’ implementation of Reading Apprenticeship

What You Will Learn

By combining social-emotional learning with academic literacy routines, Reading Apprenticeship classrooms for middle and high school students become environments for collaborative sense-making. Participate in our professional development and you will learn how to:

  • Recognize and model for students the reading strategies you use as an expert reader in your subject area
  • Engage students in understanding their own thinking processes — the power of metacognition
  • Integrate and accelerate students’ subject area learning and subject area literacy
  • Foster learning dispositions of persistence, stamina, problem solving, and collaboration
  • Turn the sustained work of learning back to students, successfully
  • Plan lessons that incorporate all dimensions of the Reading Apprenticeship framework
  • Support ongoing professional learning at your site

Service Details*

Teacher Institutes at Your Site

On-site Reading Apprenticeship Teacher Institutes with flexible dates are available for school or district teams of up to 40 people.

Comprehensive District or School Services

We offer 1-3 year options to build toward increasing local capacity to sustain Reading Apprenticeship work as part of overall improvement efforts.

On-Site Coaching

Schools and districts interested in personalized support for teachers can schedule coaching and consulting to augment Reading Apprenticeship professional development.

Leading for Literacy Online

This facilitated digital learning experience guides teacher leaders, coaches, and administrators as they support and sustain Reading Apprenticeship implementation at their school site.

Reading Apprenticeship Introduction

For individuals and smaller teams, we host 3-day open enrollment introductory Reading Apprenticeship sections online and in person.

* More details — including cost, dates, and contact information — for each of the Reading Apprenticeship professional development opportunities are provided in the links above.

What Makes This Service Unique

For over two decades, Reading Apprenticeship has bridged the science of adolescent literacy to real tools and practice with proven results.

Since 1995, the Strategic Literacy Initiative at WestEd has been conducting literacy research, facilitating Reading Apprenticeship professional development, and changing students’ relationships to subject area reading, writing, and reasoning — in middle school, high school, and college.

Teachers using the Reading Apprenticeship framework regularly model disciplinary-specific literacy skills, help students build high-level comprehension strategies, engage students in building knowledge by making connections to background knowledge they already have, and provide ample guided, collaborative, and individual practice as an integral part of teaching their subject area curriculum.

As a result, students develop the literacy competencies, subject area knowledge, and the learner dispositions they need — for school, college, careers, and life.

Visit the Reading Apprenticeship website to learn more about our impact, research studies, success stories, and more.

Learn More

To learn more, please visit the Reading Apprenticeship professional development page or contact Margot Kenaston at or 415.615.3225.

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