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Teaching-Learning Collaborative: A Lesson Study to Enhance Student Instruction and Learning in Science

Build a community of learners at your school and/or district who can design and implement learning strategies for Next Generation Science Standards based on the quality of K-12 student work.

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What You Will Learn

The Teaching-Learning Collaborative (TLC) is recommended, but not required, as a follow-up to the K-12 Alliance NGSS Science Institutes.

Two levels of training are available for TLC:

  • Level I is for school teams of 3-4 teachers who want to participate in the lesson study
  • Level II is for district science coordinators/teachers on special assignment (TOSAs), or professional development providers who want to facilitate a TLC

Level I participants will learn:

  • The BSCS (Biological Sciences Curriculum Study) 5E Instructional Model for quality student-centered science instruction that aligns with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • Strategies for creating and implementing effective phenomenon-based 3-dimensional instructional design aligned to NGSS, including developing conceptual flows for student understanding; specific use of questioning strategies from teacher to students and vice versa — as well as encouraging student-to-student discourse; effective use of instructional materials; and developing appropriate assessment strategies to capture student understanding
  • Skills to integrate content, pedagogical content knowledge, differentiated instructional strategies, and use of student work to assess understanding and modify instruction

Level II participants will learn:

  • All of the above for the Level I participants
  • Facilitation skills to coach the Teaching-Learning Collaborative teams in the local context

Who Will Benefit

  • K-12 Science Teachers and Science Teacher Leaders in school teams of 3-4 members
  • District Curriculum Coordinators responsible for science programs
  • Science Professional Developers

What Makes This Service Unique

WestEd’s K-12 Alliance staff facilitate the TLC learning model. They are the co-developers of the TLC model and for over 20 years have supported hundreds of teachers to enhance instruction and learning in science through the TLC process.


Level I: $6,000 per team (3-4 teachers per team) includes 4 days of the TLC experience, light breakfast, and all materials at a local site of the school or district’s choosing.

Level II: $6,000 per participant includes 8 days of training spread over a year at a WestEd-hosted site, light breakfast, lunch, and all materials. Travel costs are not included.

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