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Program for Infant/Toddler Care: On-Site and Online Professional Learning for Providers — Partners for Quality

Infant/Toddler Teachers, Family Child Care Providers, and Administrators: Support healthy social-emotional development and learning in infant/toddler group care settings. Engage in Partners for Quality customized training and technical assistance on your site and/or online.

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Who Will Benefit

  • Center-Based Infant/Toddler Program Teachers and Administrators
  • Family Child Care Providers

What You Will Learn

  • Support healthy social-emotional development and learning in group care settings
  • Focus on developing relationships, not lessons
  • Emphasize child-directed over adult-directed learning
  • “Get in tune” with each child and discover what he or she needs, thinks, and feels
  • Create environments and activities to engage children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to learn
  • Discover how to make learning visible through observation, documentation, reflection, and implementation
  • Make meaningful connections between the child care setting and the child’s family and culture

Each of the learning elements above comprise the renowned Program for Infant/Toddler Care (PITC), a comprehensive professional learning system that promotes responsive, caring relationships for infants and toddlers.

Partners for Quality professional learning is based upon PITC, and the California Department of Education’s Early Learning and Care Division publications: Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations, Infant/Toddler Program Guidelines, and the Infant/Toddler Curriculum Framework.

Service Details

On-site, or online, courses* last from 4 to 12 months. For each course, you will receive:

  • Customized training, mentoring, and consultation on early childhood best practices
  • Coaching on observation of infants and toddlers in group-care settings
  • Academic semester credits are provided through California State University, Fresno.


For information on pricing, including subsidies in California, please visit the PITC Partners for Quality web page.

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