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Research & Development

Matthew Nathan
Senior Director, Development

WestEd researchers apply their unsurpassed expertise to addressing significant questions and issues related to learning and human development.

Ongoing investigations on schooling include the best ways to get young children ready to learn math, how to deepen literacy skills across subject areas, and methods for supporting English language learners without simplifying curricula.

We also conduct studies on school climate and safety, violence and crime prevention, and other areas related to human development.

Drawing from our own targeted research, as well as that of other leading investigators, we develop programs, practices, and products designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients and stakeholders.

Selecting the most appropriate research methods for the particular question and context, WestEd researchers might conduct a case study to describe how a school uses collaboration time, analyze the reliability and validity of an assessment, or present achievement data in ways that inform action. We also design and conduct effectiveness studies, using the most rigorous approach that’s feasible, to answer questions about “what works.”

Contact us to learn how our customized research and development services can address your learning and human development-related challenges. In addition, visit our Research & Evaluation page to learn about our studies, services, resources, and more.