Common Core

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Check out this month's top 10 free resources — you'll find a range of topics designed to help all learners succeed.Read More

Teacher Workshops To Become Smarter, Balanced

WestEd in the News

Building Educator Assessment Literacy's workshops help teachers make the best of the Common Core curriculum.Read More

Common Core Implementation in California: A Snapshot of Districts' Progress

Cover, Common Core Implementation in California: A Snapshot of Districts' Progress

Learn how California school districts are implementing new standards.Read More

With Assessment Literacy Training, Oregon Teachers See New Ways to Help Students

Oregon teachers who participated in Common Core assessment literacy training see the benefit to their students.Read More

California Standards Implementation: District Leaders' Insights

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What do California district leaders have to say about Common Core implementation?Read More

Districts Receiving Student Test Results Faster Than Last Year, Officials Say

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Quicker test results this year can help guide classroom instruction. Read More

New Resource: Common Core and American Indian/Alaska Native Students

Cover The Common Core Initiative, Education Outcomes, and American Indian/Alaska Native Students: Observations and Recommendations

Paper examines how to best implement the Common Core to help American Indian/Alaska Native students succeed in college and career.Read More

Dan Walters: Big Waves Pounding on California Schools

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Survey of teachers and administrators on Common Core implementation in California reveals differing opinions about effectiveness. Read More

Teachers, Administrators Disagree About How Well Common Core Is Going

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California teachers and administrators have different perspectives on Common Core standards implementation. Read More

CA Superintendents, Teachers Disagree on Common Core Implementation

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WestEd survey shows most CA superintendents support the way Common Core standards were rolled out, while many teachers do not.Read More