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Using Data Visualization To Engage Non-English Speaking Parents

Charts and bar graphs are being used to help non-English-speaking parents understand their childrens' educational progress.

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WestEd in the News

To Reach Parents, Schools Try Universal Language of Data

Teachers use bar graphs and other visuals to help non-English speaking parents understand their students' progress.

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Ellen Mandinach

Meet WestEd Author Ellen Mandinach at AERA!

Attending AERA? Meet the authors of "Data Literacy for Educators: Making It Count in Teacher Preparation and Practice."

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Data Literacy Skills: A Powerful Tool to Inform Teacher Practice

How can educators protect student data and use data responsibly? They must become data literate.

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New Resource: Practitioner Data Use in Schools—Workshop Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help practitioners develop skills in collaborative, data-driven inquiry and instructional decisionmaking.