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Read about WestEd's work with schools, districts, and state and federal governments to improve education for all learners. In addition, keep up-to-date with our latest research, resources, projects, professional development opportunities, and more.

school finance

Educators working together

Spotlight: Building Fair and Sustainable Funding Systems

The resources we highlight this month offer chief financial officers and other education leaders guidance on creating and managing funding systems that promote equitable outcomes for students. With new federal relief on the way, we hope this collection proves helpful in decision-making around the safe continuation of schooling and plans for accelerated learning.

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Administrators working on budgets

School District Budget Leaders Speak Out

When the costs of public education rise faster than revenues, what are districts to do? Read the latest from R&D Alert to learn how some districts are navigating what has been called a “Silent Recession” facing school budgets. 

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