Never before in my lifetime has the phrase “we’re all in this together” resonated so strongly or broadly. COVID-19 has crossed borders without pause, spreading fear and leaving individuals, governments, and organizations everywhere scrambling to make the best decisions in the most difficult of circumstances. Like you, we at WestEd are concerned not just about our own health and that of our loved ones, but more broadly about how this pandemic is affecting individuals and families everywhere.

WestEd is committed to doing what we can to help in this extraordinary time. But knowing how best to bring our expertise and knowledge to bear on the serious pandemic-related issues that are playing out in the realms of education and human development is itself a challenge. So our staff in all areas of the country are reaching out to better understand and help address the needs and concerns of the education community writ large.

While our offices have closed, we remain in full operation, with staff working from home. We also remain focused on and as committed as ever to our core work of helping policymakers, practitioners, and leaders ensure the healthy development and successful learning of all individuals, from infancy into adulthood. Thus, we are exploring how best to continue providing important professional learning opportunities, technical assistance, and other supports during a period when social distancing is essential and when we cannot anticipate how long that period might last. Please stay tuned.

Glen Harvey
Chief Executive Officer, WestEd