Trevor Fronius, Senior Researcher with the WestEd Justice & Prevention Research Center, will present a paper on bullying at the 2018 International Family Violence and Child Victimization Research Conference to be held July 15-17, Portsmouth, NH. Presentation details are below.

The research-focused conference offers an opportunity for researchers and scientist/practitioners from a broad array of disciplines to share, integrate, and critique accumulated science on violence. The conference is sponsored by the University of New Hampshire’s Family Violence Laboratory and Crimes Against Children Research Center.

Date of Presentation: Monday, July 16, 2018
Characteristics and Experiences of Students at Heightened Risk of Bullying
WestEd Presenter: Trevor Fronius
Time: 10-11:15am (ET)
Location:  Sheraton Harborside Hotel and Conference Center, Riverwatch Room, Portsmouth, NH

Description: Trevor Fronius will present a paper on student data from the National Institute of Justice-funded study of the No Bully System program in Oakland Unified Public Schools. An abstract of the paper — authored by Fronius and WestEd colleagues Thomas Hanson, Jo Ann Izu, and Anthony Petrosino — follows:

Bullying affects large numbers of students and is associated with short- and long-term harms for both victims and bullies. Although prevention is critical, schools also need effective interventions for dealing with bullying once it occurs. One promising program is the No Bully System (NBS) — a set of interventions designed to activate adult and peer support systems within the school for the targets of bullying by training staff to interrupt student harassment and bullying, and ensuring schoolwide anti-bullying policies are in place.

The paper focuses on the characteristics and experiences of NBS participants, as well as non-participants, who are at heightened risk of being victims and/or perpetrators of bullying.