Even in the earliest grades, students are expected to make meaning of rich, complex text. This can be challenging, especially for English learners and other diverse learners. How can teachers guide each student in meaningful ways through academic conversations?

REL West at WestEd offers a “video workshop” — a 17-minute video, discussion guide, and resource list — intended for teachers, coaches, and administrators working with English learners and other diverse learners. You’ll find research-based strategies and supports for academic conversations and an exemplar of these strategies.

Lori Van Houten, REL West staff member, serves as video presenter. Johnpaul Lapid, with WestEd’s Comprehensive School Assistance Program, serves as the video’s content expert.

Visit the Scaffolding Structures to Support Academic Conversations for English Learners page to view the video and access the discussion guide, resource list, and transcript.