A policy paper published by the Harvard Family Research Project, features the Family Engagement Framework: A Tool for California School Districts,* a collaborative effort between the California Comprehensive CenterĀ at WestEd and the California Department of Education.

The policy paper, How to Grow a Framework: Lessons from California, reports on how the Family Engagement Framework was developed and how it is being used. The Framework was created to facilitate school and district efforts implementing systemic family engagement across various federal and state programs and funding streams.

The various federal and state programs that include family involvement are cited in the Framework, reports the policy paper, adding that Framework principle 2.02 specifies how leadership can meet state and federal laws regarding family engagement. This principle illustrates that family engagement can be implemented across programs.

“It does cross all those silos and it does include all programs and all kinds of parent involvement,” says Angela McGuire of WestEd, interviewed for the policy paper. “What’s unique about this framework is that it is very comprehensive.”

McGuire adds that the Framework is often used in parent trainings and parent leadership groups, including district English Learner Advisory Committees.

Read the article abstract, where you can also download the full article.

* Also available in Spanish.