WestEd researchers Meagan O’Malley and Jo Ann Izu are among a diverse group of scholars who contributed to the second edition of the Handbook of Positive Psychology in Schools.

In “Engaging Students in School Climate Improvement: A Student Voice Strategy,” O’Malley and Izu, together with Adam Voight, introduce readers to the Student Listening Circle, a youth voice activity designed to catalyze student-driven school climate improvement. In their chapter, the authors describe a qualitative research study of students participating in Student Listening Circles.

In addition to co-authoring the above chapter, O’Malley contributed to “Covitality: A Synergistic Conception of Adolescents’ Mental Health,” which proposes that there is a need to attend to both symptoms of distress and personal strengths and assets when considering youths’ complete mental health.

O’Malley also contributed to “Cultivating Mindfulness in Students,” which gives an overview of mindfulness, discussing its bases, intervention techniques, measurement issues, education applications, and special considerations for school-based practice.

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