Educators attending this year’s TexTESOL Region 2 Spring Conference will have the opportunity to attend a workshop with Nicholas Catechis, Senior Program Associate in WestEd’s Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL) project. Catechis draws on two decades of teaching and administrative experience to promote the academic success of English learners. His work through QTEL builds teacher capacity through professional development and in-school coaching. He regularly helps teachers support the conceptual, academic, and linguistic development of English learners and deliver high-quality instruction aligned with today’s college- and career-readiness standards, including the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Standards (TEKS).

On Saturday, April 14, Catechis will demonstrate how a variety of visuals and written texts can engage students in sustained interactions with teacher and peers.

View the workshop below and visit WestEd at the TexTESOL Region 2 Spring Conference to learn more about WestEd resources, research, and services.

Saturday, April 14

Workshop: Developing Visual Literacy for English Learners
Time & Location: 2-2:45pm, Room 204 WORKSHOP
WestEd Participant: Nicholas Catechis
Description: Learn to use visuals such as pictures, charts and maps to help students better understand a text or provide enhanced contextual information. This presentation will look at how educators can select relevant visuals to support written text and how to effectively guide students’ conceptual analysis.

Learn more about QTEL and their 2018 Summer Institutes held in California and Texas.