Join WestEd staff at the 2015 National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA): Implementing High-Quality Assessments for All Students.

This year’s conference takes place Monday-Wednesday, June 22-24, at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA.

Sponsored by the Council of Chief State School Officers, NCSA is designed to promote sharing of information and best practices that will help states achieve their education goals through having the strongest assessment systems possible.

This year’s conference aims to provide a forum for states to share the best practices, strategies, lessons learned, and available resources relative to their implementation of high-quality assessments for all students.

Below is a list of WestEd staff presenting and the title of their presentation or symposium. For more information on the presentation or symposium, please click on the title.

Presentation: Evaluating Student Motivation in Field Testing: Concepts, Implementation, Analysis, and Interpretation
WestEd Presenter: Joanne Jensen

Presentation: Formative Assessment for Deeper Learning of College- and Career-Readiness Standards—Exploring Educator Practices and State Policies Needed to Get There
WestEd Presenter: Robert Linquanti
WestEd Moderator: Margaret Heritage

Symposium: Foundation of Alignment – New Twists on an Old Theme
WestEd Presenter: Robert Linquanti

Presentation: Innovative Approaches to the Assessment of Students in Grades K-3
WestEd Presenter: Margaret Heritage

Symposium: Moving Toward a More Common Definition of English Learner: Takeaways and Applications from a National Dialogue
WestEd Presenter: Robert Linquanti

Symposium: Next Generation Reporting: Communicating Data about Achievement and Growth to Stakeholders
WestEd Presenter: Carole Gallagher

Symposium: Ready for Kindergarten: Lessons from the Field in the Implementation of a Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
WestEd Presenter: Joanne Jensen

Symposium: The Role of the SEA (State Education Agency) in Formative Assessment
WestEd Presenter: Margaret Heritage

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