In this video excerpt of an interactive REL West workshop, WestEd’s Robert Montgomery and Reino Makkonen explore the key principles of teacher-led or next generation professional learning (NGPL) and share lessons learned in designing professional learning experiences that are aligned with these key principles.

A key principle expressed in this video is that a learner-centered paradigm includes seeing teachers as learners. This has implications for how educators design teacher professional learning experiences, engaging teachers fully in the learning process, and also models a type of teaching and learning experience that can be replicated in next generation learning practices used in classrooms.

Viewers are encouraged to pause at key points throughout the video to consider this and other NGPL principles as they relate to the design of their professional learning offerings. The video concludes with reflections from workshop participants that are intended to further inspire reflection.


This workshop was part of a two-day event co-sponsored by the Arizona Department of Education and the Educator Effectiveness Alliance at REL West.