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Justice & Prevention Research Center

Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative Scale-Up: Study of Four States

This report documents how four states have scaled-up the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, summarizes lessons learned from implementation, and presents key findings that can inform practice and guide future scale-ups.

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Published Articles by WestEd

Improved Generalizability Through Improved Recruitment

Research design involves a balancing act between adhering to methodological ideals and dealing with the practicalities involved in carrying out the research. This article reviews the development of a sample selection plan for a randomized control trial and discusses how the plan impacted the resulting sample.

Amplifying The Curriculum

Amplifying the Curriculum: Designing Quality Learning Opportunities for English Learners

This resource guides teachers in designing challenging and meaningful tasks, lessons, and study units that will engage English learner students.

R&D Alert: Math in Common

Math in Common: How 10 California Districts Are Tackling the Common Core

Learn what happened when leaders from 10 California school districts came together to support each other in implementing the Common Core math standards.

Top Summer Reads

July Focus: Summer Reads Guaranteed to Inform and Inspire

Check out these resources to learn about supporting English learner students, implementing restorative-justice practices, and more.

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Beverly Hurley

WestEd Appoints Beverly Hurley as New Board of Directors Chair

“As a lifelong educator, WestEd’s mission to make a positive difference in the education and development of all learners resonates deeply with me,” says Hurley. “I look forward to working with the diverse group of accomplished professionals who make up WestEd’s Board to continue that mission.”

Board of Directors

Teachers Engaging Parents

Engaging Families to Boost Student Learning: Academic Parent-Teacher Teams in Georgia

To empower families to play a more informed and active role in their children’s education, Georgia is working to expand Academic Parent-Teacher Teams.

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Teacher Leaders and Teachers

Register for Summer Institutes: Learn Effective Strategies for Teaching English Learner Students with Disabilities

This two-day institute addresses misconceptions about, and provides research-based strategies for, teaching English learner students and students with disabilities.

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STEM for all

WestEd STEM Projects Featured in National Science Foundation Video Showcase

WestEd projects are featured in the 5th annual STEM for All Video Showcase. The event features over 240 innovative projects aimed at improving STEM learning and teaching, which have been funded by the National Science Foundation and other federal agencies. During the week-long event (May 13-20), researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and members of the public are […]


Published Articles by WestEd

Redesigning Math Curriculum to Improve Student Learning

How can research findings from cognitive and learning sciences be applied in authentic settings to improve student learning outcomes in mathematics?

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