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Webinar Series: Supporting Multilingual and English Learners with the Region 13 Comprehensive Center

Sponsored by the Region 13 Comprehensive Center at WestEd, in collaboration with the New Mexico Public Education Department this webinar series addresses the ways educators can support multilingual and English learner students in distance learning.

Carnegie Math Pathways - Students

10 Years: Reflecting On the Movement to Transform Math Education

Join Carnegie Math Pathways Executive Director Karon Klipple, NCII Founder and President Rob Johnstone, and CCRC Senior Research Scholar Davis Jenkins as they reflect on the nationwide movement toward math pathways that are helping more students than ever succeed.

Equity Accelerator Professional Learning Series Event #1: Asset-Framing for Equity in Education with Trabian Shorters

Staff in California County Offices of Education are invited to attend a free webinar with best-selling author and social entrepreneur Trabian Shorters as he shares his award-winning approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, and impact called Asset-Framing.

Aida Walqui

Implications of Critical Dialogic Education for Teacher Education: Webinar on Classroom Discourse with WestEd's Aída Walqui

In this webinar, Aida Walqui, Director and Principal Investigator at the National Research & Development Center to Improve Education for Secondary English Learners, and colleagues will explore how classroom dialogue can be enacted critically and effectively, particularly with linguistically minoritized students.