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WestEd to Present at the 2020 Virtual California Science Education Conference

WestEd staff will present several sessions at the 2020 Virtual California Science Education, October 16–18, 2020. The conference, organized by the California Association of Science Educators, provides science educators an opportunity to grow professionally in order to improve student outcomes in and access to a high-quality science education.

Schedule of presentations

Saturday, October 17

Session: Four Major NGSS Implementation Lessons from the Early Implementer Districts
Time: 10:45 AM–12:15 PM PST
Presenter:  Burr Tyler

In the CA K–8 NGSS Early Implementers Initiative, eight districts have been working for six years to achieve districtwide NGSS implementation. Learn four of the main lessons learned about districtwide NGSS implementation from this six- year effort.

Session: Language Matters: Developing Literacy Through Science Instruction Workshop
Time: 1:30 PM–3:00 PM PST
Presenters: Karen Cerwin, WestEd; Deborah Schneider, Tracy Unified School District

This session will explore how to design explicit language connections in science instruction. Grounded in theory and deep expertise in classroom practice, the methods used in this session support English language development and academic discourse for all students.

Session: The Stoichiometry of Climate Change: Carbon in Earth’s System
Time: 1:30 PM–3:00 PM PST
Presenters: Peter A’Hearn, WestEd; William Grover, UC Riverside Bourns College of Engineering

What does chemistry have to do with climate change? Everything! Learn how carbon changes form in Earth’s closed system. Compare fuels for carbon output and evaluate geo-engineering solutions using math based chemistry.

Session: Ready to Go Deeper with NGSS? Integrating Nature of Science
Time: 3:30 PM–5:00 PM PST
Presenters: Susan Gomez Zwiep, BSCS; Jill Grace, WestEd

Scientific knowledge is continually built by a community of learners called scientists. A nature of science frame supports the NGSS shifts and pedagogy. Explore the social and human side of science to support students working as scientists to construct knowledge.

Session: Making Sense of Student Work: A Protocol for Formative Assessment
Time: TBA
Presenter: Patrick Moyle , WestEd

Not all assessments are the same. Learn to use a protocol for analyzing formative assessment tasks while interpreting student mental models. Link evidence, work, and objectives! Walk away with a protocol and tasks you can use with peers.

Session: A System for Systems Thinking
Time: TBA
Presenter: Patrick Moyle, WestEd

Use a framework for exploring boundaries, components, interactions, and inputs/outputs of a variety of biological systems. Then apply five principles of systems thinking to make sense of the world.

Session: Classroom Innovations: Resources & Lessons Learned for District PLCs
Time: TBA
Presenter: Patrick Moyle, WestEd

Explore PLC resources that you can use back at your school and district to support NGSS implementation. Walk away with four Innovation Protocols you can use tomorrow!

Sunday, October 18

Session: How Students Benefit from Phenomena and Notebooks in NGSS Instruction
Time: 10:30 AM–12:00 PM PST
Presenter: Burr Tyler

Early Implementer teachers have reported that students greatly benefit from NGSS instruction. We will discuss how 3 types of benefits for students are being achieved through NGSS instruction: (1) higher student engagement, (2) more inclusive engagement, and (3) higher-level learning.

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October 16–18th, 2020




California Association of Science Educators


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