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Register for Summer Institutes 2020: Formative Insights: School Leadership for Transforming Schoolwide Assessment Cultures, July 29-30, 2020, in Boston, MA

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Update: WestEd recognizes that the COVID-19 global pandemic is causing disruptions to normal planning for many schools and districts around the nation. At this time, we do plan to host summer learning opportunities and will adjust our approach to respond to evolving conditions. We put the health and safety of our clients and staff first and foremost.

Join WestEd for this unique, research-informed professional learning opportunity, designed to help schools shift away from heavy reliance on teacher-directed instruction to develop more collaborative classroom cultures. Encourage and equip every student to drive their own learning and transform assessment into meaningful growth opportunities.

In this two-day institute, school leaders will learn how to guide dramatic instructional shifts and mindset changes for both teachers and students, who both benefit from advanced formative assessment practices.

Through experiential learning modules and ample opportunities for collaboration, teams of leaders hone the research-driven knowledge, skills, and daily routines to support instructors in guiding students.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn the five guiding principles for formative assessment leadership
  • Identify signs of incremental changes in the teacher and student roles that are the building blocks of transforming schoolwide learning culture
  • Develop site-specific tools to support these changes
  • Practice new models for feedback and communication through ample experiential learning exercises.

Who Should Attend?

Districts and schools are encouraged to send teams of educators, including:

  • Principals and Assistant Principals
  • School and District Administrators
  • Instructional Coaches

Participant Feedback:

“Initially, I still saw [formative assessment] as teachers being completely responsible for learning and handing out the ‘Yes, you can do this’ or ‘No, you can’t’ message to students. And I didn’t recognize what a big impact it would have on students and the shared responsibility for [learning] and how much kids love that.”

  • Molly Stewart, Principal, West Side Elementary School

“The most important considerations for leaders who are introducing formative assessment to staff? Encourage risk-taking, offer support, provide opportunities for collaboration, and build a culture where teachers can challenge each other’s thinking. And be willing to learn along the way.”

  • Megan Dodd, Principal, Fountaindale Elementary School

“I see teachers who are astounded at the things their students can do. Almost to a person, they will say, “I didn’t know if they could do it, but they exceeded my expectations.” That’s powerful in itself. That’s a philosophy-changing experience for a teacher. We can talk about high expectations, and how they impact student learning, but when teachers really see it works in practice, that’s wonderful. I think, too, teachers have a better understanding of what their role as a teacher might be. It’s not necessarily the one who’s parceling out the information. Instead, it’s the person who listens and provides feedback. But it’s the students who drive the learning.”

  • Renee Sweeden, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Chandler Unified School District, Arizona

Institute Fees:

Early Bird registration: $675 per participant if registering before March 31, 2020.

(Beginning April 1, 2020, the price goes up to $725.)

Team discount: A 10% group discount is available for teams of 3 or more that register at the same time.

Note: Early registration and team discounts can’t be combined.

Lunch on both session days is included.

For more information, please contact Barbara Jones at bjones3@wested.org.

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Professional Development


July 29–30th, 2020


WestEd, 300 Unicorn Park Dr., Level 5, Woburn, MA 01801


Administrators, Teacher Educators