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Join WestEd at the 49th Annual NABE Conference, February 25–28, in Las Vegas, Nevada

NABE Conference

Join WestEd and partners at the annual National Association for Bilingual Education Conference (NABE) from February 25–28, 2020 at the Tropicana Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s theme showcases systemic efforts to promote language, literacy, and equity.

Check out our presentations below and be sure to visit our booths (#715 and #717) in the exhibit hall.

Pia Castilleja and Lee Hartman, contributing authors of the new WestEd book, Amplifying the Curriculum, will be signing books at the WestEd exhibit booth #715 and #717 on Thursday, February 27th, from 2–3 p.m.

Meet the Authors at the WestEd Exhibit Booth: Talk with Leslie Hamburger, Pia Castilleja, and Lee Hartman, contributors of the book, Amplifying the Curriculum.
Thursday, February 26 at 2–3 p.m., Exhibit Hall Booth #715 & #717.

Wednesday, February 26

Presentation: Evidence-Based Teacher Professional Learning to Improve English Learners’ Academic Literacy and Social-Emotional Learning in the Context of Dual Language Instruction Classrooms
Presenters: Sharon Saez (WestEd) and Diana Mansour (National Facilitator, Reading Apprenticeship)
Time & Location: 8:30–9:50 am, Montecristo 4
Description: In this session, participants will learn about Reading Apprenticeship’s professional development model that supports teachers in building students’ capacity to develop linguistic resources, literacy proficiencies, and content knowledge and skills simultaneously.

Presentation: English Learners in Mainstream Discipline-Specific Classrooms: The Development of Multiliteracies for All (Joint General Session Presentation by WestEd’s QTEL and Reading Apprenticeship)
Presenters: Leslie Hamburger (WestEd) and Irisa Charney-Sirott (WestEd)
Time & Location: 4:40–6:00 pm, Montecristo 4
Description: In this presentation, Leslie Hamburger of Quality Teaching for English Learners and Irisa Charney-Sirott of the Strategic Literacy Initiative will each share their projects’ approach to professional learning. Come learn more about WestEd’s signature initiatives that further results-driven educational equity.


Thursday, February 27

Presentation: Meaning Making with Multi-Modal Texts: Developing Language and Deep Understandings with English Learners
Presenter:Lee Hartman(WestEd)
Time & Location: 8:30–9:50 am, Trinidad 6
Description: This hands-on session will focus on a strategy that secondary school teachers can use to prepare students for complex sense making. Participants will engage in several lesson planning activities and leave with actionable insights.

Presentation: Fomentando Equidad Educativa para los Estudiantes Hispanohablantes: El Diseño de Oportunidades de Aprendizaje Transformadoras en Español/Achieving Equity: Designing Transformative Learning Opportunities for English Learners in the Spanish-Language Classroom
Presenter: Pia Castilleja
Time & Location: 4:40–6:00 pm, Partagas 2
Description: This workshop — conducted in Spanish — will explore how K–12 Spanish teachers can design powerful language-rich lessons for English learners and dual-language learner students. Participants will learn how to engage students in deep learning that turns their potential into a reality and achieve equity through quality learning in the Spanish classroom.

WestEd Partner Presentation: Incorporating Quality Interactions in the Primary Classroom
Presenter: Cybil Covert (Clark County School District) and Melissa Lopez (Clark County School District)
Time & Location: 4:40–6:00 pm, Trinidad 8
Description: During this session, participants will learn how to ensure all English learners have opportunities to productively use oral language in academic settings and to ensure teachers purposefully plan lessons that simultaneously build conceptual, analytical, and linguistic knowledge through participation. Participants will learn a framework for oral language and six guidelines for promoting quality interactions. Participants will have the opportunity to experience quality interactions in a primary math lesson incorporating Quality Teaching for English Learners tasks through a lesson in three moments.

WestEd Partner Presentation: A Journey From Apprenticeship to Appropriation: Developing a Proleptic View of Teaching
Presenter: Toya Roberts (Clark County School District)
Time & Location: 4:40–6:00 pm, Partagas 1
Description: Learn about the journey and shifts experienced by WestEd’s Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL) apprentices and their session participants. Examine the self-reflective practices of the presenters as they participated in the QTEL apprentice process. Additionally, this session will explore how teachers incorporate purposeful lesson planning, and deconstructed and constructed lessons to determine best methods of incorporating scaffolds into instructional practice. Participants in this session will have the opportunity to analyze a lesson through the lens of conceptual, analytical, and linguistic practices as well as experience collaborative tasks that allows all students multiple entry points to participate.

WestEd Partner Presentation: Purposeful Planning for Learning through the Lens of Asset Orientation
Presenters: Susannah Buckley (Clark County School District), Noe Noriega (Clark County School District), and Ciara Owens (Clark County School District)
Time & Location: 4:40–6:00 pm, Trinidad 11
Description: Participants will explore how educators leverage their connections with families, communities, and culture as they apply theory to practice when academic knowledge is distributed through social relations. English language learners’ prior experiences will be used as a scaffold to new learning through a purposefully planned lesson based upon the College and Career Ready Standards. The concept of Funds of Knowledge from Luis Moll’s research serves as the theoretical framework for the session and will be shared. Time and materials for educators to create their own asset-based, scaffolded lessons will be provided.

Friday, February 28

Presentation: Oracy Development in the Education of English Learners for the 21st Century
Presenter: Aída Walqui
Time & Location: 11:10 am–12:00 pm, Trinidad 3
Description: Aída Walqui, Director of WestEd’s Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL), will discuss how to build quality interactions in the classroom destined to prepare English learners for the future. Walqui will demonstrate this future-oriented pedagogy using video clips from QTEL’s work in schools.

Featured Presentation: Building District Leadership to Provide Quality Education to English Learners: The Clark County Case
Featured Speakers: Aída Walqui (WestEd) and Ignacio Ruiz (Clark County School District)
Time & Location: 1:40–2:30 pm, Cohiba 6
Description: Leaders are key in the process of offering English learners quality opportunities to learn. They set a high vision for what is possible, and then they support educators through a collaboratively developed plan of action that makes the vision possible. To carry out this complex task, leaders need to develop deep and generative knowledge about 1) English learners; 2) learning subject matter and English simultaneously; and 3) creating systems to support teachers, students, and families. The presentation will describe the domains of leadership needed to carry out this job, and its development using examples from work in Clark County.

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February 25–28th, 2020


Las Vegas, Nevada


Administrators, Early Childhood Professionals, Policymakers, Researchers, Teacher Educators, Teachers