Discussion Builders Posters Set: Grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-8

By Carne Barnett-Clarke, Alma Ramirez

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By talking to learn, students also learn how to think. The sentence stems on these colorful posters provide students with a scaffold for voicing their ideas and questions, valuing others’ contributions, and incorporating increasingly sophisticated thinking strategies. Using Discussion Builders, students learn through active participation in classroom discussions. Accompanying quick-guides for teachers explain how to get students talking—and thinking—more conceptually, in any subject. Powerful for English language learners and students of all achievement levels.

Posters and teaching guides scaffold progressively more complex reasoning across the grades. In K-1 the focus is on helping students present, expand, and reflect on important ideas. In grades 2-3, Discussion Builders prompt students to use these skills at more sophisticated levels. The 4-8 poster strengthens students’ complex reasoning, including their abilities to consider counter-examples and conjectures and to justify options.

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K-1, 2-3, or 4-8.

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