Growing Into Equity: Professional Learning and Personalization in High-Achieving Schools

By Sonia Caus Gleason, Nancy Gerzon

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What makes a Title I school high achieving? Professional learning and leadership that support personalized instruction makes the difference, as captured in the groundbreaking research of authors Sonia Caus Gleason and WestEd’s Nancy Gerzon.

This illuminating book shows how four outstanding schools make individualized learning a reality for every teacher and student. The common thread is the commitment to equity—every student achieving.

Content includes:

  • Guidance on identifying obstacles to equity in schools
  • Background that builds a case for personalized learning
  • Four case studies that show the values, professional learning practices, leadership, and systems that have helped schools transform learning
  • How-to’s and templates for creating a team-based professional development program that expands individualized instruction in every classroom

Discover new approaches for individual, team, and whole school professional learning that support personalized learning, drawn from schools that are leaders in overcoming challenges and creating opportunities.


  • Growing into Equity is a timely and important new book that provides compelling evidence of how teachers, principals, school district leaders, and policymakers can create and embrace equity in school districts, schools, and classrooms to ensure that all students are learning and achieving.

    Thomas Payzant, Retired Superintendent, Boston Public Schools
  • Excellence and equity in public school classrooms don’t happen by accident. In this book Sonia Gleason and Nancy Gerzon use detailed examples to show how sensitive, thoughtful, and courageous leaders build school communities that favor every learner, including not only every child, but also every adult.

    Ronald F. Ferguson, Faculty Director of the Achievement Gap Initiative, Harvard University
  • Equity is not an afterthought to high achievement. Gleason and Gerzon’s new book on outstanding equity-driven practice in four very different schools shows that if you want to raise the bar, you have to start by narrowing the gap. From Tennessee to Vermont, from Dallas to LA, this attractively written, morally uplifting, and deeply practical book shows how extraordinary schools address and achieve social justice by making learning personal and engaging for every student, and by ensuring that professional learning is stimulating and practical for every teacher.

    Andy Hargreaves, Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education Boston College

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1 review for Growing Into Equity: Professional Learning and Personalization in High-Achieving Schools

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Susan McKelvie

    As a school/district administrator, I used this book for staff development to introduce the concept of equity-driven school improvement. I wanted to build a foundational understanding of “why” prior to introducing MTSS as a framework for improving our schools. Real life schools — rural to urban, elementary to high school — each wrestled with the systems changes needed to move away from one-size-fits-all instruction to personalized instruction. Teachers found this book accessible and down to earth. This is not high end research, but largely anecdotal and each chapter reads like a narrative. It served the purpose I intended and allowed me to facilitate deeper discussions as we reflected on our own challenges and came to understand MTSS as a structure for building an equity-driven school system. I would recommend this for a staff PLC study with additional research articles to supplement the text.

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