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Multiple Pathways to Student Success: Envisioning the New California High School

By California Department of Education


Multiple Pathways to Student Success — in examining the means and conditions needed for expanding multiple pathways statewide — explores the ways in which this approach might fulfill California’s need for a more cohesive vision of high school education.

What You Will Learn

  • Evidence about the effectiveness of the multiple pathways approach
  • The core areas of implementation of the multiple pathways approach, including curriculum and instruction, applied and work-based learning, and in-school support
  • Core linkages, including alignment with middle grades and with postsecondary education, and linkages with partners and regional coalitions
  • Internal and external levers for change, including professional development and accountability
  • State leadership and the cost and budgetary implications of implementing the multiple pathways approach to high school transformation

The report concludes with policy recommendations, an action agenda that provides a bold vision for high school reform as it builds upon the multiple pathways approach, and a list of stakeholders who were consulted during the preparation of this report.

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Product Information

Copyright: 2010
Format: PDF
Pages: 223
Publisher: California Department of Education

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