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Technology to Support Next-Generation Classroom Formative Assessment for Learning

By Edys Quellmalz


This paper focuses on the ways that technologies can support effective formative assessment practices, including planning, implementing, and adjusting classroom instruction. Author Edys Quellmalz of WestEd explores:

  • Cognitively principled assessment design
  • Effective formative assessment
  • Technology supports for alignment of embedded assessments with standards and targets
  • Classroom assessments designed by teachers
  • Technology-enhanced, curriculum-embedded assessments
  • Technology supports for teacher use of formative assessment processes

The paper also presents a vignette to illustrate some of the ways teachers can take advantage of technology to plan, implement, and refine their formative assessment practices.

Additional WestEd resources on formative assessment are available online.

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Copyright: 2013
Format: PDF
Pages: 12
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